Makeup Night for League Photo ID Cards is Thursday, September 10

All Tackle Football Players and Tackle Cheerleaders, if you do not have a Photo ID Card, you must attend this League ID Photo Card event.

Thursday, September 10 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Aston Field
3270 Concord Road
Aston, PA 19014

Don't forget!
To obtain an ID Card, football players and cheerleaders will need to present their original Birth Certificate. No copies will be accepted.

$2 cash for the card fee (paid for by parent)
We will have a representative from the Norchester Red Knights onsite to collect it.

Who Should Attend?
You will need to attend this photo session if you do not already have a Photo ID Card and are: 

  • A new football player or cheerleader on the 80lb., 100lb., 120lb. or 150lb. Team/Squad (not Flag)
  • A football player or cheerleader "moving up" from the Flag Team/Squad to the 80lb. Team/Squad
  • All Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Board Members (anyone working with our youth) must attend this event to obtain their League Identification Card or their sticker to place on their existing card.  Do not forget to bring a copy of your clearances or you will not be able to get your ID Card or sticker.

If you played or cheered for one of our Tackle Teams/Squads last year, we still have your Photo ID Card on file and you do NOT need to attend this Photo Night.

** Flag Football Players and Flag Cheerleaders do not need a Photo ID Card and do NOT need to attend this Photo Night. **

Why are Photo ID Cards needed?
Photo ID Cards are used to verify children are the age represented at registration. We hold onto the ID Cards and use them to sign-in as a team/squad at every tackle football game and the cheer competition. 

Can't Attend?
Please be advised, if you or your child needs an ID Card, this is the event you must attend.  If an ID is not obtained, that child or coach will not be allowed to participate in football or cheer!

If you have any questions, please contact your Coach.